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Have you purchased a Cryptopay debit card? Purchase one from cryptopay and receive 25% discount on the debit card.

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What Is CryptoPay And How To Save Money Using The Service

If you are a Bitcoin owner, then you most probably need to sign up and enjoy the exciting services of this company. CryptoPay is basically a cryptocurrency wallet. You can use it to send or receive Bitcoin.

The company’s other services revolve around using Bitcoin. For example, you can use CryptoPay to send Bitcoin payments, to withdraw Bitcoin to your bank account or to instantly convert Bitcoin to dollars, British pounds, or Euros.

Additionally, if you are a store owner, you can sign up for CryptoPay’s corporate account which will enable you to accept payments in Bitcoin. To enjoy these convenient services at discounted rates, read on and check out our CryptoPay promo code.

Some Of The Services You Will Enjoy With CryptoPay Discount Code

Now that you know what CryptoPay is, here are some of the services you stand to enjoy if you use our CryptoPay promo code to sign up with them:

  • An exciting Bitcoin Wallet: CryptoPay’s wallet allows you to accept Bitcoin and Litecoin free of charge. You can also convert your Bitcoin to Euros or Sterling Pounds and vice versa at a comparatively low commission rate of just 1%.
  • Prepaid Card: Our CryptoPay promo code also gets you the company’s complimentary prepaid card that will be delivered to you free of charge. The card costs $15 and it allows unlimited deposits and withdrawals. However, even though the card comes with multiple benefits, some customers do not like its monthly service fee of $1.
  • Bitcoin transfers: With a CryptoPay wallet you can send money to anyone internationally even if they don’t have a bank account. Simply send the money and get them the prepaid card to withdraw cash from an ATM wherever they are.

How To Save More Money Using CryptoPay Promo Code

  • Get a Bitcoin Prepaid card free of charge.

With our CryptoPay coupon code, you pay nothing for your Bitcoin card. It is sent to you free of charge and you can use it to withdraw your Bitcoin or to pay for goods and services. Check out our CryptoPay discount code page now for more information!

  • Enjoy a 25% discount on all your Bitcoin wallet services.

Some of the services on offer at CryptoPay come at a small fee. However, with our CryptoPay coupon code, you get to enjoy even lower fees by getting a 25% discount on all your Bitcoin wallet purchases. If you are a frequent Bitcoin user or spender, this discount rate could amount to hundreds of pounds/ dollars in savings within a couple of months!

  • Interest-free loans

If you’ve got some Bitcoin and you would like to get some emergency cash, you will be thrilled to know that our CryptoPay coupon code also allows you to get up a loan of up to 65% of your Bitcoin value. What is even more interesting about this is that your credit score doesn’t matter and the money (once approved) is wired immediately to your prepaid card. Moreover, not having to pay interest will definitely save you a handful of cash.

  • Instant Conversion

One of the things that slow down trade in Bitcoin is the currency’s volatile price. Nevertheless, CryptoPay enables you to instantly change Bitcoin to its dollar or British pound value allowing you to save money in case the price of Bitcoin goes down.

Summary of CryptoPay 

CryptoPay is a cool Bitcoin wallet service with some nice benefits. It is registered in the UK and is therefore trustworthy. Check out our CryptoPay promo codes now to enjoy massive discounts and benefits when you sign up with them!


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