In full transparency, we'd like to let you know that despite all preventative measures we now have a first confirmed case of coronavirus infection in our company. The person is feeling well, has no symptoms and is in self isolation. However, the virus threat is very real and given scarcity of testing globally I'm afraid that at this stage it is much more widespread than the official stats might indicate (even this test was conducted more or less randomly).

In light of that, we have decided to temporarily shut down all our offices and mandate work from home. That is, instead of encouraging people to work for home (which has been the approach up until now), we're now mandating it. Given the digital nature of our business, we do not anticipate any disruptions to our service caused by this change.

The company is very proud of fellows who are now really putting our core company values to life. It's truly encouraging to see our people being actively involved in various initiatives related to this infection and other related areas.

Promocoidus is committed to putting further resources and assets in use to fight this global crisis.

Keep safe, everyone!